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People often have difficulty visualizing forms in space and developing a sense of scale from architectural drawings. They have a hard time visualizing how a building will look when complete just by looking at floor plans and elevations.

Solid modeling and house rendering has overcome the difficulties and cost of constructing physical models and manually drawing of 2D orthographic projections and 3D perspectives.

From the client’s viewpoint, 3D visualization allows them to see what the architect has designed as it will look when complete.

Using digital house rendering techniques gives new creative flexibility in the hand of our professional house illustrators. Now working with a combination of manual and digital methods if a client wants a color of a lighter value than was originally rendered we have the capability of manipulating the lightness and darkness of each color to produce custom house renderings to the clients’ requirements.

House renderings have been very expensive in the past. The time and skill required to produce quality renderings simply meant a high price to recover the cost of producing the house renderings. Previously, the investment of time and resources required to produce professional 3D architectural renderings was so great that the cost was prohibitive. Simple 2D plans, elevations and line drawn perspectives were the best a customer would expect without paying a fortune.

Talented architects could quickly produce a colored house illustration using traditional media which involved making a black and white pencil drawing and then rendering the print with colored pencil. This was very time consuming. Now house renderings are produced very quickly by skilled 3D artists at a fraction of the cost and with a level of detail and quality previously unavailable.

Architectural presentations and house renderings allow architects and their clients to visualize what the finished building will look like by using 3D images. A photo realistic house rendering with subtle material and light effects can be more effective than perspective drawings and enhance the communication process.

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    6 years ago

    I can’t seem to find any examples of your 3D architectural rendeirngs work, do you have a portfolio?

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