Architectural rendering residential & commercial

Architectural rendering of apartments, office buildings, restaurants, churches, factories, condos, or homes help you to visualize your project and get planning approval. It is easy to create architectural renderings to visualize alternative color options before committing to final design specifications. With an architectural rendering, its also easy to visualise material options for exterior cladding such as brick or stone before making final decisions.

Architectural Rendering - House

Architectural Rendering - House

Architectural rendering – traditional vs. modern

Traditional architectural rendering techniques are usually limited in their appeal and use. Of course, more and more contemporary architects have been known for their use of free hand sketches, pen and ink architecture drawings, and renderings in watercolor to represent their various designs. But with the advent of computers, hand-drawn sketches and other forms of architectural rendering techniques have given way to computer aided designs or CAD. These high-end computer graphics and virtual image creations have paved way for an exciting and ‘realistic’ approach to architectural rendering. Now, an architectural rendering can help you visualize the actual appearance of your projects as well as visualize different design and layout options for both interiors and exteriors.

Real estate marketing

An architectural rendering is extremely beneficial for the sale of real estate and for those clients who wish to make a design decision based on the look and functionality of the building that is yet to be built. Exterior architectural rendering of your designs will help you visualize alternative options and styles. Marketing your project before construction starts is possible with a photo realistic architectural rendering.

Types of architectural rendering

Computer produced architectural rendering techniques are also known as ‘Photo Real’ renderings and can produce 3 dimensional models, as well as create life-like visuals with the help of architectural rendering software to impress clients and leave a significant impact on the minds of the viewers. An architectural rendering offers real dimensions, real textures, materials, colors, and finishes. Categories for an architectural rendering include:

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